Kate Spade Handbags


If you throw a stone up to the sky, it falls down will hit Kate Spade fans. Kate Spade handbags have some teensy weensy things hidden inside that make women from all over the world continue to fall in love with Kate Spade.

Kate Spade was established in 1993 with the vision of creating simple, sophisticated, and sensible handbags. The company was founded by Kate Brosnahan, the ex-accessories editor at Mademoiselle Magazine, and her beloved hubby And Spade, embarked on a venture to transfigure the fashion world.

They started the company with six very simple handbags that shook up what had been a quiet accessories category.

“Modern Classic” is best to describe Kate Spade handbags, purses, and wallets. The modish handbags become crazily-desired and must-have fashion items just because of the handbag structure is simple and in boxy shape.

Kate Spade Handbags

Kate Spade Handbags

Kate Spade New York expanded in a fast and furious speed because of the irresistible values and charming beauty it bears in all its products.

  • Kate Spade signature style. Kate Spade New York has successfully developed an elite image, irreplaceable by any other designer handbags in the market. This is because the name Kate Spade already on the tag. The unbelievably exquisite handbags are burning every woman’s wallet because they couldn’t refuse to ask for more.
  • Kate Spade Collections. Over the years, Kate Spade has expanded its products to shoes, accessories, clothing, jewelry, baby items, fragrances, eyewear, laptop and cell phone case, and among others. Kate Spade handbags collections including the leather handbags, short handle handbags, shoulder strap, clutch, crossbody bags, and anything you need to bring out to the street. In 2004, Kate Spade launched “Kate Spade at home” includes bedding, bath items, and items for home.
  • Hollywood Supporters. With the appearance in runways and TV shows around the world, Kate Spade offers a wide variety of handbags and accessories which loved by some of the Hollywood celebrities like the lovely Taylor Swift, Brittany Snow and Sophia Bush.

Where to buy Kate Spade Handbags?

Visits Kate Spade outlets across the United States, it has now available in all continents such as Las Vegas, Nevada, Aoyama, or Tokyo. The brand has a subsidiary for men known by its fictional name Jack Spade.

Kate Spade competitors include Prada Handbags, Coach Handbags, Salvatore Ferragamo Handbags, Kenneth Cole Handbags, Louis Vuitton Handbags, and a lot more. These competitors will just make Kate Spade even stronger and we’ll definitely stand a chance to see more collections.

You can either visit the stores for its authentic goods or hang out at the official websites at KateSpade.com to check out the latest Kate Spade handbags and all the timeless classics goods.

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